How to choose the best HGV driving school

When it comes to selecting your preferred driving school there a many options available. But are they all the same? In this article we take a look at some of the key points to help you make the best informed decisions when it comes to selecting your training company.

Although the HGV driving test is regulated through the road traffic act and various updates through parliament, HGV driver training is currently almost 100% unregulated from the point of view of a training provider.

This means that training providers get a very easy ride (pardon the pun) and if you don’t choose your provider carefully, it could mean it could take you much longer to pass as the quality of your training is not as good as it should be.

Minimum standards for driving schools?

You would expect that all HGV training companies would be required to provide a minimum standard but this is simply not the case. In order to operate a driving school the only requirements are:

  • Trucks that meet the test vehicle standards, basically a truck that isn’t too small. For more details, follow this link: Rules for lorries used for driving tests.

  • The truck must have a valid MOT, unlike trucks used for haulage they are not required to have 6-12 weekly maintenance checks.

  • The instructor only needs to have held a HGV driving licence for a minimum of 3 years, they don’t need to have experience, just have passed the driving test more than 3 years ago. This can mean many HGV instructors have a less than professional approach to training.  All our instructors have been trained and tested by the only Awarding Body recognised by the Government Driving Test Agency – Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Follow this link to Check a Registered Instructor/Assessor on the NRI website.

  • Valid insurance to cover the vehicle being used for driving training purposes.

DVSA responsibilities

Based on these facts you can see that the industry of HGV training providers is less regulated than it probably should be. While the responsibility of passing competent drivers rest with the DVSA via the test, how you are trained prior to the test is of little concern to the government.

Your DVSA driving examiner will decide if he/she believes:

  • The vehicle is in good enough condition and meets the minimum test vehicle specification before the driving test can take place, any doubt they will cancel the test and you may loose your money.

  • During the drive the examiner will assess your ability to drive correctly, a very poor candidate that has been taught badly will not reflect upon the driving instructor, it will simply result in a failure for the trainee.  It is perfectly permissible to present candidates for test who are not ready on a regular basis. This does not directly put a driving school out of business, as the driving examiners can do nothing about it.

Why book your HGV Training with Wetherby Training

As a trainee, you want to ensure you get the right qualifications, taught the right way and at the right price. We provide quality training that increases your chances of passing first time by getting the appropriate skills,  saving you time and money.

Here are a few more reasons you might choose Wetherby Trainee to start your HGV training journey:

  • All our instructors are highly trained professionals who work full-time as HGV driving instructors and have passed the DVSA endorsed NRI exams. You can check our instructors credentials on the National Register of Instructors.

  • The vehicles we use for driver training are bought specifically for driver training, mainly Volvo trucks. Volvo are recognised as the most reliable vehicles with good driving dynamics and ease of operation.

  • Our parent company operates more than 50 HGV’s within the haulage sector, maintaining an Operator’s Licence with the DVSA and Office of the Traffic Commissioner, our vehicles are maintained to the same high standard with access to a full time in-house mechanic.

  • We pride ourselves on not presenting customers for test if they are not ready and we achieve this by not providing courses that are too short in duration. Trainees are offered a pre-course driving assessment to judge ability and advise on the right length of course to book, increasing the chance of success at the first attempt.

  • We are based 5 minutes from the test centre at Walton/Thorp Arch, Wetherby.  This means while taking your driver training with us you will not have to travel in the truck upon leaving the training centre more for than 5 minutes. We practice locally and only test locally.

  • We don’t believe in providing half day training sessions, unlike some schools to maximise profits. All trainees will be with the instructor for a full day so that training is maximised and more test routes are covered.

  • We have a large WW2 airfield that is used for the reversing and trailer coupling practice/test. This means you have total freedom to practice as required without fear of other traffic.

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