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Frequently asked questions.

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Which countries pay the most for HGV drivers?

The salaries for HGV drivers can vary significantly depending on the country, reflecting differences in living costs, regulations, and demands for transport services. As of the latest data, countries that typically offer higher wages for HGV drivers include:

  1. United States: HGV drivers in the U.S., especially those operating in specific sectors like hazardous materials or oversized loads, can earn significantly higher wages compared to many other countries. Annual salaries can range widely, but specialised drivers can earn $60,000 or more.
  2. Australia: Due to strict regulations and a high demand for drivers across vast geographic distances, Australian HGV drivers also earn competitive salaries, often ranging from AUD 70,000 to AUD 100,000 per year.
  3. Norway: As with many professions in Norway, HGV drivers benefit from high wages due to the country’s overall high cost of living and strong labor protections. Salaries in Norway for drivers can be quite high compared to the European average.
  4. Canada: In Canada, HGV drivers’ salaries vary by province and driving routes, but they are generally well-compensated due to the extensive transport of goods across long distances, especially in remote areas.
  5. Germany: Known for its strong economy and manufacturing sector, Germany offers robust wages for HGV drivers, particularly those with experience and who operate in specialised logistics roles.
  6. Switzerland: Similar to Norway, Switzerland offers high salaries across various professions due to the high cost of living and high standards of living. HGV drivers are no exception.

These salaries reflect the economic conditions, demand for transport, cost of living, and regulatory environments in each country. Drivers in countries with a higher cost of living or more stringent driving regulations tend to earn more to compensate for these factors.