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Driver assessment training does not just focus on driving skills, but also on driver’s attitudes, knowledge and understanding of how they can manage driving risks. It also aims to ensure that drivers are aware of vulnerable road users, especially pedestrians, pedal cyclists and motorcyclists.

Managing Driving Risks

In addition to our standard training courses, we offer a 60-minute driver assessment course to help get you off to the best possible start.
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Driver training

What’s Included

Get personalised advice and recommendations from a certified instructor.

  • Checking your driving licence and theory pass papers.

  • Familiarising you with the vehicle and controls.

  • Instructor demonstration drive.

  • Trainee driving practice on our private airfield.

  • Trainee driving on the public road, subject to competence.

  • Upon return, professional advice from the instructor.

Driver training

Why Book a Driver Assessment

You may wish to take an assessment if you feel that you fit any of the following categories:

  • Previously held a driving licence for a truck in another country.

  • Extremely nervous about driving a truck or unsure if you are capable.

  • Believe you are very capable already and need a shorter course than average which will save you money.

  • Not sure what driver training school to use and want to ‘check them out’ first before buying training.

  • Not sure if you will enjoy driving a truck and want to try driving one first.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Common questions we are asked about Driver Assessments.

Are you part of Tockwith Training Services?2023-10-12T16:43:12+01:00

All of our instructors worked previously at Tockwith Training Services in York (driving school with yellow trucks) and since the owners retired we have formed Wetherby Training.

How long is a HGV Driver Assessment?2023-04-11T12:10:30+01:00

HGV Driver Assessments are a quick and easy way to understand your skills and ability and take just 60 minutes.


Are Driver Assessments a legal requirement?2023-04-11T11:58:48+01:00

Driving Assessments are not a legal requirement, they simply help drivers understand competencies and refresh their knowledge on best practice. For more information on legal requirements, see Driver CPC Training.


What are the benefits of Driver Assessments?2023-04-11T11:55:14+01:00

Driving Assessments reviews driving, knowledge and attitudes and can help identify competencies and outline areas for improvement. Further corrective coaching can then be given if required to improve skills and help reduce risk of accidents.

Is a Driver Assessment the same as a driving Test?2023-04-11T11:48:42+01:00

A driving assessment is different from a driving test. It is designed to review your driving, knowledge and attitudes. After completion, you’ll be given an honest opinion of your skills and ability.

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