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Driver CPC Module 4

The Driver CPC Module 4 is a practical vehicle safety demonstration test where drivers must show various operations as a lorry driver, other than driving.

For example, the test includes elements such as loading the vehicle safely, keeping it secure, stopping the trafficking of illegal immigrants, assessing emergency situations, reducing risks and walk around safety checks.

If you want to drive a lorry, bus or coach professionally for a living you will need to obtain the Driver CPC, including the Driver CPC Part Module 4.

DVSA Approved Delegated Test Site

We’re certified to provide Driver CPC Module 4 training to help you pass your practical demonstration test.
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What’s Included

We are approved by the DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency) to provide the Module 4 CPC Practical Test so that drivers can gain their DQC (Driver Qualification Card) and meet their legal obligations to drive commercially. This is also known as driving for ‘Hire and Reward’.

  • Full training given to enable drivers to competently pass the practical test.

  • No driving required, it’s a demonstration of knowledge.

  • You’ll need to have completed CPC Module 2 before you can take Module 4.

  • Module 2 is the theory element called LGV Case Studies or CPC and you can book the test at

  • Availability is usually within a few days so no long waits required.

Driver training

The CPC Module 4 Practical Test

This practical test consists of 5 questions presented to you the driver by our DVSA approved Module 4 assessor Rob Brennan and takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. The Topics covered are:

  • Daily walk-around checks.

  • Ability to prevent physical risk.

  • Loading and security of loads.

  • Keeping the vehicle secure.

  • Emergency procedures.

  • Loaded vehicle dynamics.

  • Border crossings.

  • Security procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Common questions we are asked about Module 4 CPC Training.

Are you part of Tockwith Training Services?2023-10-12T16:43:12+01:00

All of our instructors worked previously at Tockwith Training Services in York (driving school with yellow trucks) and since the owners retired we have formed Wetherby Training.

Why choose in-person Driver CPC Training?2023-10-12T16:37:43+01:00

Drivers get better quality training, its more relevant and everyone can participate to get the most from the training sessions.

What is a DVSA Approved Delegated Test Site?2023-04-20T16:46:16+01:00

A DVSA Approved Delegated Test Site (ADTS) is a location where driving tests can be conducted by private companies that have been approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). These private companies must meet certain standards and requirements set by the DVSA in order to be approved as an ADTS. This allows for more flexibility and availability in scheduling driving tests, as well as potentially reducing wait times for test appointments.

What’s included in the Module 4 CPC test?2023-04-12T11:18:51+01:00

The CPC Module 4 test covers five areas: vehicle safety questions, practical driving ability, off-road exercises, loading vehicles, and securing loads. Each area is designed to test your knowledge and skills as a professional driver.

Can you fail the Module 4 CPC test?2023-04-12T11:12:58+01:00

Yes, it is possible to fail the Module 4 CPC test. The test consists of a practical demonstration of your ability to perform certain tasks related to the operation of a commercial vehicle. If you do not demonstrate the required level of competence, you may fail the test and be required to retake it. However, with proper preparation and practice, most people are able to pass the test on their first attempt.

What is a Load Demonstration Securing Trolley?2023-04-12T11:08:37+01:00

A Load Demonstration Securing Trolley is a device designed for demonstrating the most effective and secure way to handle heavy loads. It consists of two wheeled trolleys that are connected with a tensioning strap, allowing it to carry and secure large items such as furniture or appliances while being transported or stored. The trolleys also feature safety features such as spring-loaded brakes and adjustable straps to ensure the items are securely attached.

When does a DQC card expire?2023-04-11T15:43:48+01:00

Once you receive your DQC card you will have 5 years before it expires. To keep your card up to date you will need to complete 35 hours (5 days) of classroom training within that 5 years.

What is a DQC card and how do I get one?2023-04-11T15:40:49+01:00

A DQC card or ‘Driver Qualification Card’ must carried while driving a lorry, bus or coach professionally.  You’ll get this card when you have completed your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence ( CPC ) module 4 training.

What is ‘Hire and reward’?2023-04-11T15:33:43+01:00

‘Hire and reward’ is the legal term for payment for providing transport. It’s a legal requirement for drivers who carry other peoples goods or passengers in return for payment.

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