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HGV Training Leeds

HGV Training Leeds

Wetherby Training is the perfect choice for drivers looking to upgrade their licence to drive large vehicles or attend accredited operator courses for forklift and HIAB’s.

From car to Class 1, Class 2 to Class 1 or if you’re looking for CPC training – we’ve got you covered. Get your Driver certificate of Professional Competence with us to help meet your legal obligations.

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We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Get the right qualifications, taught the right way at the right price. Start your training journey with us and we’ll manage all your requirements from start to finish.

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Driver CPC Training

Driver CPC Training

Driver CPC training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we are asked. We’ve listed a few here for your convenience.

Are you part of Tockwith Training Services?2023-10-12T16:43:12+01:00

All of our instructors worked previously at Tockwith Training Services in York (driving school with yellow trucks) and since the owners retired we have formed Wetherby Training.

What is a Class 1 license?2023-04-20T16:38:24+01:00

A Class 1 HGV driver is able to drive Category C+E vehicles – an articulated lorry weighing 7.5 tonnes or more with detachable cabs and trailers which can generally carry loads of up to 44 tonnes.

Understanding Rigid Body Vehicles2023-04-20T16:34:30+01:00

A rigid body vehicle is a type of vehicle that maintains its shape and size even when subjected to external forces. This means that the vehicle’s body does not deform or change shape when it encounters bumps or obstacles on the road. Rigid body vehicles are commonly used in off-road vehicles, military vehicles, and heavy-duty trucks.

What is a Class 2 license?2023-04-20T16:32:58+01:00

A Class 2 driving licence allows you to drive a Category C rigid body vehicle. Category C vehicles or rigid body vehicles are vehicles where the cab and the trailer are fixed securely to each other. Having a Category C licence, allows you drive rigid vehicles over 3500kg and tow a trailer up to 750kg. If you want to drive an articulated lorry you will need a Class 1 HGV licence.

What is the CE Category?2023-03-17T10:59:21+00:00

This category covers goods vehicles towing trailers – these are the largest trucks you see on the UK roads, also know as artics or Class 1. The most common vehicles in this category are any large articulated or drawbar trucks – seen frequently on motorways and busy ‘A’ roads.

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Modern Volvo Vehicles

Modern and clean vehicles, regularly maintained.

private airfield

Private Airfield

Our private airfield is perfect for reverse practice.

accredited and approved

Accredited & Approved

RTITB, Driver CPC, DVSA accredited and approved instructors.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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Our accredited and approved instructors, certified for the provision of high quality training services.

Laurie Moore HGV Instructor

Laurie Moore

Director, NRI, RTITB & CPC Transport Manager

Jeffrey Martin
Jeffrey Martin
Instructor and DVSA Module 3a Assessor.
Jeffrey Britton
Jeffrey Britton
Instructor and Fleet Manager.
Robert Brennan
Robert Brennan
NRI Approved HGV Instructor and DVSA Module 3a and 4 Assessor.
Tim Waistell
Tim Waistell
Instructor DVSA Module 3a Assessor, NRI Approved HGV and RTITB Approved Forklift Instructor.
Driver CPC Training
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Accredited RTITB Partner
Driver cpc consortium
Logistics Skills Network

3 Steps to Success

3 Steps to Success


Get the right qualifications

We’ll fully manage your driver training needs from start to finish.


Taught the right way

We promise to deliver professional driver training taught to high standards.


At the right Price

Our competitive prices means you’re not overpaying for driver training.

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